Carla Cruz

Flamenco Dancer

Carla Cruz At age 12, 1 began classesin Flamenco dance at Lolita and José Ramón Academy ofFlamenco Dancing, in San Francisco. I performed at schools,churches, theaters, restaurants, senior centers, at the MarinaGreen, on the 4th of July, and many other special events andcasuals.

My late husband, guitarist Bernard Kreil, and I went on theroad performing at nightclubs throughout the U.S. I also dancedin San Francisco at Miss Keiko's Chi Chi, Sinaloa Night Club,Latin Quarter, Casa Madrid, and Lichfields, did some TV spots andmany casuals and special events.

My husband and I opened our own night club/restaurant in SanFrancisco, La Bodega, inNorth Beach, where for many years we performed Flamenco nightly.

In 1993, we sold La Bodega. Since then I've been dancingmainly in San Francisco at various locations including Fina Estampa, The Thirsty Bear, Esperpento and Pícaro, as well as LaBodega.

Most recently, I have been performing Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings atCafé Argüello at their new locationat 24th and Mission in San Francisco.

For further information, you may call me at (415) 681-5328 oremail me at

Here's what has been said about Carla:
EI Bohemio News: "La Fabulosa Bailarina Flamenca, Carla"
SF EXAMINER: "Carla dances a skillful flamenco zapateado in the aisles between tables. It's a rousing professional performance"
Herb Caen, The Chronicle: "Bernie and Carla, after cooking up the one entree - paella - they rush out of the kitchen and entertain the patrons with flamenco guitar (Bernie) and fiery dancing (Carla)"
After Nightfall, SF Chronicle: "Carla's heel-clicking dance wins thunderous applause for the overflow crowds at La·Bodega"
SF EXAMINER: "To say Carla dances is to say Mark Spitz swims, she goes into a trance, stomping her heels and twirling around"